The Working Parents’ Guide To Dealing With Sick Kids

When your work gets hectic, and deadlines are alarming you every minute of the day, the last thing you can think of is a day off from work – because your child is sick. When cold, cough and tummy ache come knocking on your door without any warning; you can’t help but wonder – now what?

Here are some ideas for working parents’ to deal with the uninvited sick days:

1. Always have a Plan B ready with you:
Kids can and will get sick from time to time – that’s a given. When they do there’s nothing they want more than MOMMY! In that last minute crisis, if you already have a plan B ready to put in action, you’ll save yourself from making a frenzied decision.

2. Divide TO conquer
Divide the day’s duty in two parts with mommy taking care of the sick child in the morning and daddy in the afternoon. This way the child is with one of the parents all day and both parents get some time to devote to their work as well.

3. Talk to your boss
If you can’t make any alternate arrangements and you simply have to take a day off then talk to your boss professionally and clearly about the situation at home. You don’t need to share every gory detail about your child’s runny nose; just sharing the basic details would suffice. In most cases, people at work understand such impermanent yet critical situations.

4. Help comes in different forms
You may not realize this but there are a number places and people where you can get help. Besides your friends and family, another unapparent source to find help is your child’s preschool. My son goes to one of the best preschools; I know it is one of the best play school franchises in our neighborhood because the school has been accredited by QualityKG advanced preschool accreditation. Taking care of sick kids requires special training, and the teachers at QualityKG accredited preschools are trained to accommodate specific health issues of our little ones. This is a much-needed source of support for working parents like us.

5. Cash in your sick days
Everyone has some sick leaves in their kitty; this is as good a time as ever to cash in those sick days. Take a few days off and devote your time and attention to help your child get better. The time thus spent in your child’s company will be worthwhile and rewarding.

In the end:
Every parent has gone through a sick day like this when the pressure at work and the pain your child is going through both happen simultaneously. All you want to do is hug your child, tuck him in and take care of your little one, but the thought of the pressing deadlines leave you anxious. While your feelings are justified, however, if you take help from friends, family, and your child’s preschool teachers then you’ll sail through the sick days fast and easy!