Top Parenting Mistakes – When Your Gestures Aren’t Right

As women, we all have this innate desire to become a parent. I, personally was over joyous when I found out I was having my son. That feeling of becoming a mother is amazing, but once you have your child, a fear is instilled within you. I was so scared when my son was born. I was worried about what kind of a man he will grow up to be.

I always approached my son’s preschool teachers who were a great help to me in raising him. Now, when I look back I often think how he would’ve turned out to be if it wasn’t for the things his teachers taught me.

These are a few discipline landmines that you need to avoid:

Break Your Own Rules

As parents, we often make rules that are effective but harmful in some ways. Whenever my son takes a book off the shelf or does anything he’s not supposed to; I would slap his hand and say “No, Ryan!” in a harsh tone. It worked amazingly until one day his preschool teacher caught him slapping everyone who took a book or took one of his toys. I realized that we should think how the rules might affect our children before we enforce them.

Lose It

Let’s admit it, taking care of a toddler demands a lot of patience. There are many times that I find myself at the end of the rope when I’m dealing with my 2-year-old Ryan. One day I lost it and yelled at him, and he shouted back telling me to go to my room.

Telling Lies

My son, Ryan always made a fuss about going to preschool. One morning when he refused to get out of the car, I pointed to a primary school and told him that an evil man with horns runs those schools and that if he didn’t go to the preschool, then I might have to send him there. He immediately listened. A week passed by and one of his caretakers asked me if I showed Ryan any movies or talked about evil men with horns. I was mortified when I had to explain and now Ryan thinks evil men run all schools. It is because of that lie that I now have to think about what I might have to do to get him to go to school.

Bribing them too much

Ryan has never been a good eater. He always made a fuss when it comes to eating his vegetable. So, I gave him a piece of chocolate for every time he finished his lunch. This worked wonderfully until one day when the preschool teacher complained about how Ryan kept asking for chocolate and that he refused to eat his lunch. Now whenever I want him to eat, he asks for a treat.

Closing Thoughts

As parents, we often feel burdened when it comes to handling our toddlers even though they’re the best thing that ever happened to us. With the sound advice I received from the qualified teachers trained by QualityKG preschool development program, I realized that just enforcing rules and strict behavior will only encourage my child to rebel. It is important that we talk to them in a friendly yet assertive way. We need timeouts as well. We need to take some out for ourselves so that we can rejuvenate and get ready for yet another challenge.