How To Establish A Routine For Preschoolers ?

Are you planning to put your child in a preschool, and wondering how to get him or her prepared for the same so that you don’t have to go through everything at once when the session begins. I would suggest that early preparation is better, bringing a sudden change to your kid’s life, this gives time to your child to deal with the changes that’ll soon ensue.

Here are the few things I adopted a year before I had to put my child in preschool:

1. Put your child in a play school franchise

When I was trying to prepare my son for preschool, I was advised to put him in a play school franchise first. By putting a child in a play school, he or she gets accustomed to staying away from the house and the parents for a short period of time. In the play school, they will find other kids of their own age and this will help them cope with being in a new environment with the strangers around.

2. Set a routine

When planning to put your child in preschool set a routine for them way ahead of time, that means you need to set their bedtime and wakeup time. There must be a consistent routine for your child because it is not easy for toddlers to suddenly get adjusted to a new routine when the session begins.  A bit of preparation goes a long way in making your child’s preschool experience a fulfilled one.

3. Prepare him to sit in one place

When you are preparing your child for preschool, make him habitual to sit in one place, because when he is in the preschool he will have to sit in one place. The best way of doing this is to give him some activities that he can do by sitting in one place.

4. Read a story to your child every day

Make him familiar with the books and activities that he will be doing in the preschool. Our preschool is following QualityKG Preschool accreditation standards which has helped us understand the relevance of activities like reading to the child and being involved in his preschool journey. You need to understand that kids are very delicate at this age and if they aren’t introduced to bits and pieces of the upcoming curriculum they might lose their interest.

5. Talk to your kid about the preschool

Prepare your kid for the preschool by making him familiar about what he is about to enter into. Tell him how much fun he or she can have in the preschool. If you have a grandparent at home then ask them to tell your child the stories about your preschool days. So that your kid knows that it is going to be a fun ride for him.

I hope these tips will be helpful for you. But remember every kid is different in his or her own way and not all rules will follow for him or her. Be flexible with them.