How To Teach Colours To Preschoolers

When children go for formal education, their knowledge of colours is tested. It is an easy way to check what the child has learned so far. This can be possible if you start teaching colours to children at an early age. You can teach colours to them as early as at the age of two. at this age, they will not only learn to recognize different colours but will also build strong learning connections in their minds. The early they start, the better is their learning ability.

So how to teach colours to children?

When you start teaching an abstract concept like colours to children, the most important thing to consider is that you understand the process of children’s learning. For children to identify and recognize a colour, they should have ample of information that helps them define a particular colour.

The most effective way to teach concepts to children is to make them understand what a particular thing is not. This is referred to as ‘negative examples’. When you show a child an apple and say the colour is red, it is possible that the child remembers the shape of an apple and considers that to be the meaning of red. So it is also important to show him an apple that is not red.

Through this example we need the child to understand:

  • Colour has no shape. Red can be an apple, a dress or a toy.
  • Colour has no size. Red can be small or big.
  • Colour can be seen outside or inside. Red can be on the road or in the closet.
  • Colour has different textures. Red can be smooth (apple) or rough (brick).

So every time you show the child something red but with a different texture, you are refining and enhancing his understanding of the concept of colours. The more examples you present to children, the better they will understand.
Teaching colours to children is an easy task because you do not need to buy any special teaching materials for that. You only need determination and repetition, two free skills that will get you a long way as a teacher.

                                    How to teach kids colours?

  • When you show a child something, for instance, a yellow toy, use the word “colour” with the name of the object. Instead of saying “this is yellow”, it is better to say “this is a toy and its colour is yellow”.
  • Do not test children before you have completed teaching. It will de-motivate them and prevent them from learning.

color toy

  • While you are teaching colours to children do remember that receptive language comes before expressive language. Children can point out the right colour before they can say its name. Initially, ask them to pick up all the green pieces. If they do not know, show them a few, until they learn.
  • Teach basic colours in the beginning – Red, Blue, Yellow, Black and White.
  • Dedicate a week to each colour. Having “Red week” or “Green week” is superb and will turn out to be a magical way of teaching colours. If you teach a colour for a whole week, children will grasp the concept better.
  • Experiencing colours in different ways will help children internalize the concept. While learning colours, they will experience them through all their senses – sight, sound, smell, taste, touch. The more they experience, the better they will remember. Be creative and come up with fun ideas to teach colours to preschoolers.

                                    Tips on Teaching Colours

Children need to first obtain bits of information before they can start understanding the concept of colours. Young children do not have the ability to understand the difference between light blue and dark blue. Along with learning what each colour is called, children need to understand what colour represents. Regular repetition will help children understand what the actual word colour means.

Teaching colours to preschoolers would then be easy. Children are attracted to bright colours. As preschoolers are surrounded by the world of colours, it is better to use everyday opportunities and discuss children with colours. There are many tools that can be used to teach colours.

1. Teaching Colours through Children’s Books

There are many books to teach children about colours. Just like toys, books are a natural opportunity to teach preschoolers how to identify and recognize colours. Books keep children hooked by colourful illustrations and story.

2. Games that Teach about Colours

candy game

Apart from games, there are many games that can be used to teach colours in preschools. The classic game, Candyland, is very common among children for its use of colours. Along with matching colours, Candyland also teaches children counting skills, strategy and social skills.

3. Colour matching memory games

What better way to teach children than by games. In these games, preschoolers are required to compare and match colours.

4. Teaching Colours through Flashcards

Teaching colours is an important aspect of child’s early education. Many preschools use flashcards to teach colours. Apart from teaching colours, flashcards also teach pre-reading skills to children. Children also learn to count.

5. Teaching Colour everyday

As colours are a part of everyday life, there are many ways to teach colours to preschoolers. Pick up a new colour every week and focus on that colour through toys, activities and even food.

So how easy it is to teach colours to children. You just need patience with young children. Preschools that have QualityKG accreditation focus on every aspect of child’s development. Teachers are well trained to understand the needs of children. So for my children, I would definitely go for QualityKG accredited preschool.