10 Ways To Prepare Toddlers For Preschool Separation Anxiety

The first few days at the preschool often comes with a lot of begging, sobbing, clinging and the classic “Please, don’t leave me, mom!”

Here are 10 ways to prepare toddlers for preschool separation anxiety — and make things easy for both baby and mom.

1. Fake it till you make it! Before the real thing, attempt a trial run by leaving your child with his or her grandparents or caregiver for small distances and a short period of time.

2. Make a fun goodbye ritual. A fun goodbye ritual would surely console and soothe both you and your little one. You can make your own goodbye song and sing it with your child before leaving him or her at the school.

3. Before the preschool session begins to carry out brief separations once or twice a day. You can try this after they have had their meal or nap because kids are more inclined to separation anxiety when they are hungry, sleepy or exhausted.

4. Be considerate. Don’t try to rip the Band-Aid at once. Be patient, as your child needs your support now more than ever. Make sure your child understands that you are always there for him or her.

5. Don’t throw in the towel too soon.  Your toddler will throw tantrums and may even seem inconsolable; they’ll beg you to postpone the whole preschool thing for as long as possible, however you need to stand your ground. In this situation, your child’s preschool also plays an important role. If your child is going to a play school franchise that has received its advanced preschool accreditation by a reputed organization like QualityKG then you can be assured that their staff will be competent enough to calm your child down fast and easy.

6. Stay calm. This applies to the parents and the school staff as well. If the parents and the teachers stay calm and carry a joyful expression, then the kid would feel safe.

7. Keep it short – Crate a short and sweet goodbye ritual, if you drag it out for too long then you are practically inviting a tantrum.

8. Distraction is a blessing. If your child’s preschool keeps him engaged with different activities throughout the day like the schools that are accredited by QualityKG then your child will get so busy with his coloring books, paints and crafting material that he’ll forget about his separation anxiety.

9. Don’t lie and sneak off. If you lie or sneak off to avoid a meltdown, think twice. This unhealthy habit may end up breaking your toddlers trust in you; instead, let your child’s teacher divert his attention after you go.

10. Talk to the teachers. Preschool development programs established by QualityKG train teachers to handle problems like separation anxiety with compassion and ease. If you are in need of some sound advice you can consult with the teachers at your child’s school.