Back to Work After Maternity Leave – A Mothers Guilt

Just like any other mom who plans to get back to work Swati was also contemplating the same idea. As Swati’s sabbatical leave drew to a close, she started worrying about the big change, her life as a working mother was going to begin soon. But, how was her 3-year-old daughter going to cope with the change?

Even thinking about her new life left her in distress and exhaustion.  She felt ragged between these conflicting roles. While she was excited about going back to work, she was also worried about leaving her precious daughter.

“I was searching for the best preschools before I went back to work in 2 weeks, I saw a couple of schools but I wasn’t sure how to measure the quality of the schools. I decided to reach out to an old friend, Priya, her son is in the second standard now, she probably knew more about this than I did” – said Swati.

So, Swati did reach out to Priya and asked her if she was happy with the decision of going back to work and how she chose her son’s preschool. Priya said – “I am more than happy with my decision to start working again, after a few inevitable hiccups and some initial ups and downs, I was finally able to iron out the kinks in our new arrangement.”

Priya explained to Swati, that the first month is going to be challenging, but she shouldn’t beat herself up. She also pointed out that it’s smart to take the help and support of your partner and friends. She also said that Swati should think about the example she’ll be setting for her daughter —a woman with a career and ambition, a woman who is financially independent. ”

When asked about her son’s preschool she said “Before my son started his preschool he was very quiet, reserved, and, at times I found him socially awkward, he spent most of his days hiding behind the TV, but after he started going to his preschool his day became more structured, and he started learning through play and activities. He has become extraordinarily artistic, he paints, he dances and he’s able to make friends very easily. He is learning from being in a group, from the well-outlined routines, he knows how important it is to take turns, he has learned to sit and pay attention to stories with other kids around him and most importantly he is learning to speak his mind without hesitation.”

When Swati asked how I can also find such a preschool, she said – “I had searched for the best preschools in our neighborhood that are accredited by QualityKG advanced preschool accreditation. When you send your child to a preschool that is accredited by QualityKG you can be sure that your child will get the best in care and education.”

To sum up:

As a working mother, you also need to learn a thing or two – the most important lesson is that you don’t need to be with your children all the time to give them a good upbringing. Take pride in being the multifaceted woman that you are and find comfort in knowing that a trusted name like QualityKG is there to help you out.