Good Kids And Bad Words – Who’s To Be Blamed

Parenting isn’t ‘Child’s Play’. One of the trickiest aspects of parenting is learning what to say and what NOT to say in front of your child.

The point is, children take everything literally especially when they are at a young age. The way you interact with them makes a huge impact on their personality. Every parent wants the best for their child, however there are times when kids hear inappropriate language at home or outside.

Warning: damage control is in order.

Read on to know ten ways to stop good kids from using bad words:

1. Clearly establish what words are acceptable and unacceptable in your home. It’s good to give them your own glossary of healthy choice of words.

2. Make sure that your toddler is not using a bad word just to get your attention. Give your child a positive way to get the attention he or she needs.

3. When you see your kids using a bad word, ask what they think it means. Talk to your child and explain that these words are used by people who don’t know how to express what they are feeling in a respectful manner. These are attacking words and they make the other person feel bad. Tell them some other words that they can use when they are feeling irritated or angry.

4. Keep an eye on the kind of exposure your child is getting from TV, music and not to forget ‘YouTube’. Today’s kids are getting too much exposure at a very young age. Make sure that the foul language your kid is picking is not coming from a television show.

5. Don’t overreact! At times, your child will use a bad word just push your buttons. Don’t get sucked into this power struggle. If you overreact, they feel they have been successful in pulling a fast one over you and it is guaranteed that you’ll hear the same word again soon!

6. If your child is addressing you with a bad word all you need to say is “     ” That’s right you need to say nothing at all, just walk away from them and only answer to them when they address you with respect.

7. An average preschooler learns around 10,000 words before he or she is off to school. If talking back and foul words has become a pattern with your child, it’s time to dig deep and find out the real reason behind the behavior. Find out where your child is hearing these words. Toddlers pick up foul words from many sources be it at home or their preschool. QualityKG accredited preschools are the best preschools that have clear rules for language and behavior to encourage your child in the right direction.

To conclude:

Playing the blame game isn’t going to solve your problems, instead parents and teachers should talk respectfully with and around kids. Just like the best preschools accredited by QualityKG you should also set an example of appropriate language. Remember, children are perceptive of double standards so make sure you aren’t setting different rules for them and yourselves.